Ben & Jimbo’s Delivery with Ability

We were so proud to have recently helped facilitate a new In2Food Charity Initiative, Ben & Jimbo’s Delivery with Ability.

Ben and Jim were both on site with their carers packing fruit boxes for their newly created business of picking and packing fresh fruit and veggie boxes and delivering to homes in their local communities. This initiative has been lead by Jim’s amazing mum, Sue.

The boys recently picked and packed 2x couples boxes and 2x family of 4 boxes out of our Sydney facility and have been back again for a second trial today.

Delivery with Ability is a social enterprise where people with disabilities are operating their own fresh produce delivery service. This not only performs a service but provides employment for disabled persons, mentoring and social interaction. The reward is for both the community (fresh produce) and the individual (employment, skills, confidence and interaction). It was also incredibly rewarding for the team at our NSW branch.

Jim and Ben have been great friends for 15 years meeting through Special Olympics and playing great tennis as a doubles team. Supported by In2Food and Nati Bros Roses, they are taking their partnership a step further, starting a new business and demonstrating that having a disability doesn’t stop you from developing the skills it takes to participate in the broader community. 

Such an incredible initiative to be a part of, we are all so inspired by Ben and Jim.



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