Fresh market update

Our Sustainability
Our Sustainability

In season.

The below lines are currently in-season and sourced in Australia locally from our grower partners, delivered market fresh to your business

Shepards have now finished with new season Hass starting. Value steadily improving although rains could slow up supply.
Lemons Coming into season, excellent quality
Broccoli Good price but supply starting to tighten. Will be impacted by Queensland flooding.
Apples Both red and green varieties are available
Sweet Potato Peak season, excellent supply, price and quality
A good variety of produce coming through including Dutch Creams, Royal Blues, Purple bliss & washed Kipfler. Supply and price may be impacted by QLD flooding.
Mandarins Now in full swing with good prices
Avocadoes Hass variety now available
Kent Pumpkin Just coming into season
Grapes Both white and red in good supply
Kiwifruit Good prices with excellent supply
Pineapple Good supply from QLD
Green Pears Excellent quality and well priced
Green Capsicum Well priced with good supply but will be impacted by Queensland flooding
Zucchini Available in the markets now
Great value – Packham, Corella and Beurre Bosc available
Plenty of new season QLD varieties
Excellent quality, good supply
Good supply available but will be impacted by QLD flooding.
Red and white grapes are well priced
Butternuts, Greys and Jap all plentiful

New lines.

The below lines are new to the market and have just started their season in Australia. Consider adding them to your order.

Fresh figs Excellent quality local produce
Chestnuts Now available for a short time
Pomegranate Excellent quality and affordable
Gold Kiwi Good supply of local produce
Persimmons Good supply for a limited time
Oranges Navels have started but high prices
Globe Artichokes
Good supply available
Brussel Sprouts
Green and purple variety now available
Bullhorn Chillies
Good supply of reds available
Good quality fruit and good supply
Custard Apples
Available in the markets now
Great quality but prices still firm
Fresh peas
New to the market
Corella Pears Available in the market now
Vic winter supplies continue to improve. Quality and value very good. Baby slowly beginning to come in.
Abundant supply, prices good.

Shortages in the market

The below lines are scarce and short in the fresh markets as the Australian season is finishing. We may still be able to source them, but Australian grown produce may be more expensive or they may be imported.

Mushrooms Very difficult to source nationally
Berries All varieties – limited supply has seen prices spike
Corn Will be impacted by Queensland flooding, supply and price to become tight
Tomatoes Large Heirloom have reappeared but fruit is very green. Yellow grape and medley mix are available, plus Black Russians. QLD Roma are yet to get going along with QLD gourmet tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are available but quantities light. In general supply is tight and prices are firm.
Limes Prices have risen
Stonefruit Season has finished so supply has ended
Green, Red & Savoy continue to be very light & not good value. Wombok supplies have improved a little.
Supplies of reds are tight and prices firm and will also be impacted by Queensland flooding. Greens are becoming increasingly scarce. Yellow supplies also getting better out of QLD.
Potatoes In short supply so prices are higher
Asparagus In short supply with high pricing, imported produce to follow shortly
Eggs Still in very short supply
Chillies Short with very high prices
Chives Short with very high prices
Edible flowers Supplies remain limited and very little variety available. Mainlt Viola and some Dianthus. Elder and Garlic flower are not available along with most other varities.
Cauliflower Tightening in the market, supply and price will be impacted by Queensland flooding.
 Leeks Still very limited supply
Bananas Short and supplies are limited with fruit being very green.
Beans Beans – availability is set to improve this week as new season Bowen QLD produce starts off. Prices are still high but will come back shortly. Continental & snake are available while butters are very limited.
Oranges Valencia have finished, Blood Oranges supply limited
Squash Limited supply available (VIC)
Kiwiberries Limited supply available (VIC)
Dragonfruit Limited supply available (VIC)
Stonefruit Season is ending locally, limited supply
Eggplant Supply starting to tighten
Lettuce Most lines and varieties impacted by the Queensland floods in Lockyer Valley. Price and supply will tighten. Baby Cos (twin pack) supply limited and prices high. Baby leaf will be short. Iceberg short supply and higher pricing.
Cucumber Lebanese and continental are experiencing short supply and high pricing.
Spring onion  Supply very short and high pricing
Market Challenges

Market challenges.

The market is experiencing the below challenges and events which may impact supply, price and timing.

NATIONAL: We are now heading into QLD season for a host of produce.  Southern supplies are slowing up as nights get colder and crops finish off.

As a result of the severe weather on the upper east coast there will considerable problems during May with quality, consistency & supply.

Some of the produce impacted include, Berries, Cauliflower, Beans, Corn, Lettuce (Iceberg & Cos), Tomatoes, Capsicums.

QUEENSLAND: Due to major flooding in the Lockyer Valley, there has been major impact to planting, harvesting and packing of fresh vegetable crops with Gatton, Grantham and Laidley significantly impacted by flooding which will likely result in major shortages of the following crops coming out of these regions: Corn, Iceberg Lettuce, Cos lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Baby Leaf and Celery.