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From our National Procurement Manager

From around Australia and in the fresh markets see whats in abundance, what is new in season, whats short and any issues that are relevant to this week in the markets.

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Our Sustainability
Our Sustainability
Our Sustainability

In season.

The below lines are currently in-season and sourced in Australia locally from our grower partners, delivered market fresh to your business


Western Australian fruit hit the market this week in small volumes which will continue to build every week. Queensland supplies have around 4 weeks’ remaining with fruit on the large size out of both regions.
Apples All varieties are available – abundant supply.
Mandarins Supply and season continues to be good.
Kiwifruit Gold and green available. Good prices with excellent supply
Great value – Green, Packham, Corella and Beurre Bosc available.
Salad & Salad mixes

Stocks have improved on the major lines with prices back as a result. Spinach and Mesclun supplies have improved with quality looking good. Rocket supplies will also improve this week onwards as crops recover from frost damage a few weeks ago.

Butternuts, Greys, Kent and Jap all plentiful
Plenty of great value QLD field eggplant now available.
Brussel Sprouts
Green, purple and kalettes in good supply and quality.
Still limited but there has been an improvement both with supply & value.
Great quality and Navels in abundance. Blood oranges are great quality.
Sweet Potato
In season and good value and quality. Regular and purple available.
Supply is good with pricing easing to now represent some value in the vegetable category.
 Cos Lettuce
Local supply available, good value.
Prices back on local produce. 

Gourmet and Roma – quality is very good with supply steady at this stage, with pricing easing to encourage more demand as supply improves.

New lines.

The below lines are new to the market and have just started their season in Australia. Consider adding them to your order.


Romanesco Cauliflower Some locals appearing.
Red Witlof
Back on the scene & looking great
Grapes (USA)
First supplies starting.
Carolina Reaper Chilli’s
Now available.
Yuzu Fruit
Vic supply hitting the markets now.
Local bunches just starting.
Stonefruit (imported)

USA yellow and donut peaches & nectarines

Sumo Mandarins Now available.
Ginger Lots of fresh produce is available in the markets (WA)
Plenty of stock around. Great for your next Mexican fiesta or margarita (WA)
Coming into the markets at good supply and price.

Great red flesh stock now in.


Bergamot Lemons now in season and available.

Tangellos Coming into season and nice quality.
Snake Beans

Now in season and a great addition to your next stir fry dish or noodles.

Fioretti Back in  supply.
Cumquats Good supply.
This year’s season has start with quality looking good, small volumes at this stage, but will build by the week. This year’s crop is expected to be up on last year.
Local & VIC supplies and prices improving. Fioretto in good supply, local purple also available.
Zucchini Flowers
Some beautiful local glasshouse back on the scene

Shortages in the market

The below lines are scarce and short in the fresh markets as the Australian season is finishing. We may still be able to source them, but Australian grown produce may be more expensive or they may be imported.


QLD Strawberry supply has improved a little with some smaller fruit beginning to appear. Prices back a little. Blueberries are steady but there is no consistency with growers while Raspberry supply remains tight. Blackberries are very limited.
Supply still low out of QLD. Will be minimal supply over the next 2 weeks.
Demand of cabbage remains very strong and supply light, leading to “Dutch Auction” pricing as buyers try secure supply.

Supply will be light this coming week as growers in Far North Queensland have a gap in production. Pricing will be very firm due to markets being tidy and not a lot of product on the road. Supply will improve the following week.

Baby veg
Baby beet (especially gold & target) supplies remain minimal. Coloured Dutch are still limited & orange dutch supplies are struggling to meet demand. Some baby zucchini available.
Long reds & birdseye are slowly becoming more available & better value. Long greens & Jalapeno still limited. 
Fresh herbs
Sage, oregano, rosemary, tarragon & thyme continue to be extremely low in supply. Prices remain high on all dry herbs. Wet herbs such as coriander, parsley, mint, dill & chives are also still light with extra stock having to come out of QLD. Basil supply has slowed out of QLD. Thai basil very limited.
Edible flowers Supplies remain limited and very little variety available. Mainlt Viola and some Dianthus. Elder and Garlic flower are not available along with most other varities.
Supply remains spasmodi and is set to continue for the next couple of weeks.

Some squash available in the market this, albeit a dozen trays and pricing were reflective. Both North Qld and some local Northern Victorian fruit on the markets this week.

Local iceberg is available & quality continues to improve. Interstate supplies are still limited & quite pricey. Local Cos is in good supply at the moment with prices back further & quite good quality. Baby gem & twin pack cos supplies have improved a little but remain very expensive. Hydroponic lettuce has improved a little with prices back a touch.
Lebanese & Aussie green very limited, Telegraph have also become tight with prices up on all.
Availability remains quite low with suppliers struggling to have colour fruit for the market. The majority of stock is very green.
Broccoli /Brocollini/ Cauliflower
Broccoli & Cauliflower quality is good with supply improving out of all growing regions leading to an easing in pricing across all markets.

Snow & Sugar Snap Peas –Supplies remain heavily affected by QLD rains. Prices on all lines remain high. Imported sugar snaps best value.

NT Watermelons are light as very low winter temps are slowing growth. Rockmelons are best value; honeydews are extremely limited & will be for quite a few weeks, (fruit will be very small). Some Spanish melon available. No candy.
Only black AUS grapes (seeded) left & now onto imported red & green USA produce. Supplies are light on imports.
Prices are up as last of Australian supplies draw to an end.
Only limited QLD supplies
Bock Choy/Choy Sum 
Supply is short with high pricing and possibly not available.
Quality is very good with supply steady at this stage, with pricing easing to encourage more demand as supply improves.

Supplies of fresh eggs continue to shorten, with supermarkets now rationing customer purchases.

The shortage is due to farmers reducing flocks during COVID 19 lockdowns, a shift towards free range eggs (less production), rising costs and poor weather.

Market Challenges

Market challenges.

The market is experiencing the below challenges and events which may impact supply, price and timing.

NATIONAL: Warmer growing conditions in most regions are leading to an increase in production volumes, however reduced vegetable crop yields due to poor pollination in North Queensland are being experienced.

NSW:There are still supply issues with some QLD produce, most notably Tomatoes, beans & corn. Availability of these remains low & consistency may be some time away. While some produce such as broccoli & cauliflower have improved there is still uncertainty as to the longevity of these. Cabbages remain a major issue & will continue to be extremely limited for possibly a couple more months.

The list of items affected include Broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, all lettuce & salad lines, cauliflower, beans, snow & snap peas, corn, green leaf items (kale, silverbeet, spinach)

QUEENSLAND: Due to major flooding in the Lockyer Valley, there has been major impact to planting, harvesting and packing of fresh vegetable crops with Gatton, Grantham and Laidley significantly impacted by flooding which will likely result in major shortages of the following crops coming out of these regions: Corn, Iceberg Lettuce, Cos lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Baby Leaf and Celery.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA:Herb supply seems to be very challenging as daily supply is poor and high prices on most lines. The cold snap has affected growing.

Cabbages are in extremely short supply and high prices are expected for two weeks. Asparagus supply from imported sources is very challenging. Rhubarb supply is short.

It is worth noting thay weather events on the eastern seaboard will continue to affect supply and prices for the coming weeks.