Our sustainability

Our Sustainability


enrich360 Certification.

enrich360® is the Circular Community that returns food waste to our soil as nutrient-rich organic fertiliser for a sustainable future.

Certified members of the enrich360 program convert unavoidable food waste onsite into organic fertiliser using their enrich360® dehydrator.

All In2food customers have the opportunity to gain certification via their association with us.

As a Certified Distributor & Logistics Partner, In2food are founding partners and a certified partner of this ACCC approved accreditation scheme.


In2food have enrich360® dehydrators at appropriate facilities across our network. We aim first to avoid waste, then support food waste charities and finally recycle into fertiliser for the farming community.


After delivering your produce, we collect your fertiliser (converted food waste) from the enrich360® dehydrators, reducing truck movements at the kitchen dock. By diverting this food waste from landfill we reduce greenhouse gases together.


“Sustainability is important to us and it makes our
partnerships stronger. It’s how we show that every day we care by
helping nurture the world for future generations.”


CHEP Certification.

In2food has formed a strategic alliance with CHEP to help lead the removal of cardboard from the food service industry and our world, with the goal to eliminate the following by 2024:

  • 10 million cardboard boxes per year
  • Approximately 14,200 tonnes of carbon
  • Over 19,800 tonnes of solid waste
  • Over 105,700kL of fresh water

In2food has proudly received the CHEP Australia Customer Sustainability Certificate, recognising our contribution to more sustainable supply chains by using more sustainable packaging choices. CHEP Australia’s solutions combine the benefits of the sharing and circular economies and result in substantial environmental savings when compared to single use packaging alternatives.

Our Sustainability